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Coffee is a health drink!

Beat diabetes! Thanks to special coffee compounds, four cups of joe daily makes you
50% less likely to develop adult-onset diabetes, says scientists.
Fight cancer! “Coffee is proven to protect against many cancers.” says Clower.  One new study shows three-cups-a-day drinkers are 20% less likely to get skin cancer.
Protect your heart! The American Heart Association says that folks who drink 2-5 cups of coffee a day have an 11% lower risk of heart failure.
Prevent Parkinson’s! Research shows java lovers are 50% more resistant to the condition, likely due to coffee’s effect on brain chemicals.

(Woman’s World, 11/5/12, p. 18)

Wake Up To Coffee’s Benefits

Coffee provides more healthful antioxidants than any other food or beverage in the American diet, according to researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, who studied more than 100 different food and beverage items.  They found Americans consume 1,299 mg of antioxidants daily from coffee; the closest contributor was tea at 294 mg. … In addition, people who drank one or two cups of coffee daily, or nearly every day, had half the liver cancer risk of those who never drink it, according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  In 2004, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking coffee cut the risk of developing the most common form of diabetes.

(Living Healthy by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Spring 2006)